Online Chat Party


15 minutes, Skype or Zoom call – $25

Your personal video call includes greeting and storytime with chat invitation sent to one party host.

Virtual Party

30 minutes, Skype or Zoom call – $50

Video party includes greeting and guest interaction. Storytime with interactive games and emailed printables. Chat invitation can be shared with your party guest


Pretty as a Picture

30 minutes, Unlimited Guests-$125

This package includes unlimited pictures and hugs for everyone during the allotted time. There is a interactive story that includes the birthday girl’s name and a special present for being so brave, strong and clever.

Magical Mystery Party

1 hour, up to 20 kids-$150

90 minutes, up to 30 kids-$200

A princess arrives at your party location and needs the birthday girl’s help! There is a mystery afoot and she needs a group of clever princesses to solve it! Everyone listens as the princess gives the mission of the mystery. She also provides a quick training session on how to be a Clever Princess.

Next, all the children set off to find clues to solve the case. Each clue has a game or action that helps the group find the next one. Once the mystery is solved, the princess leads them in a victory celebration that include prizes, balloon animals, glitter tattoos, and official Clever Princess Certification. The birthday girl gets a special present for leading the group and saving the day. Hurray!

Enchanting Evening Party

1 hour, up to 15 kids-$150

90 minutes, up to 25 kids-$200

The princess of your choice will arrive at your home or place of the party to declare the birthday girl “Queen of the Day.” She will be awarded a crown and a scepter. She will rule over the party as the princess tells a story about the Queen of the Day, play Coronation Day games and have a ball where the children learn to do the Wonderland Reel.

To conclude the enchanting event, the guests will get a makeover applied by the princess. Makeovers include the child’s choice of eyeshadow, blush and flavored lipgloss. The princess will make sure to leave lots of time for pictures!

Plenty of Princesses Party

1 hour, up to 30 kids-$250

Double the fun of your party by inviting two of our Clever Princesses to spend time with you! Whether it be the Snow Sisters, or two of the classics, this party will be full of fun, friends, and festivities.

This party package includes the Magical Mystery party or Enchanting Evening party activities as well as the option to include glitter tattoos, face paint, make-up and balloons. There’s no party like a Princess Party!

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